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Experience the unique Canadian Shield wilderness canoeing the endless connection of waterways...

"I learned early in life that the richness in life is found in adventure. Adventure calls on all the faculties of mind and spirit. It develops self-reliance and independence. Life then teams with excitement." William O Douglas

How would you like to escape from the stressful city life for a while to experience a pristine wilderness and all it offers. Here you will be free to contemplate, enjoy and absorb the peace and serenity which wilderness bestows.

Let Raven EcoVentures treat you to...

  • A wilderness solar-powered cabin getaway on a private lake. Escape the stress to relax,view wildlife or find inspiration for art, photography or writing.
  • A guided wilderness canoeing or kayaking adventure trip into Quetico Provincial Park, a world renowned wilderness canoeing park
  • An educational Ecology hike (Ecotour).
  • Winter Adventures (Dog sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, astronomy and winter camping)

Meet the Walshes

The Walshe family are the primary owners/guides of Raven EcoVentures. They have had extensive experience living, working and canoeing for over 30 years in Quetico Provincial Park, a wilderness-canoeing park in Northern Ontario. Shan Walshe (father) was head park naturalist in the park for over 20 years. Shan instilled in them a great love and appreciation for the outdoors, particularly large tracts of pristine wilderness areas. Now a legend to Quetico, Shan was their main inspiration for starting this business. The Walshes have also spent a significant amount of time exploring the area east of Quetico by canoe. They have had years of experience working as botanists, wildlife biologists, researchers, teachers and wilderness explorers in the boreal forest across Canada. They have researched black bears, wolves, fisher, wolverine, moose and woodland caribou. The Walshes have also spent a number of years working and canoeing in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park near Red Lake, Ontario. Patrick Walshe, also a professional biologist in British Columbia, operates Coastal Revelations Rainforest Tours on Vancouver Island BC.

Please Call to Inquire: 1-807-933-5241

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